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Water Distiller
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Jual Water Distiller

Spesifikasi Water Distiller

Jual Water Distiller 

• Horizontal thick wall heat resistant Duran glass boiler fitted with 3 KW, chromium placed heater.

• High efficiency coil condenser ensures low temperature, high output quality distillate of conductivity 3 to 4µ s/ cm..

• Compact construction suitable for bench and wall mounting .

• Screwthread connectors enable easy fitting or removal of hose safety .

• Built-in constant level divice with schott Vendura-Nova valve for drainage provides easy descaling without dismantling

• Safety thermostant built into the protects the favorit water still in the event of water supply failure and automatic resets when the water supply is restored

Specifications :

• Distillate Output : 4 Liters / hour single distilled.

• Power Supply Requirements : 220 / 240 V, 50/ 60 Hz Single Phase

Jakarta Office:
Jl. Daan Mogot Raya KM 21. Komplek Ruko Arcadia Blok H12 No. 3 Batu Ceper Tangerang - Banten.
Phone: 021 29006750

Palembang Office:
Jl. Residen A Rozak No.5, RT/RW 01/01, Kel. Kalidoni, Kec. Kalidoni Palembang.
Phone: 0711 5571765

0812 79723388 / 0812 79713388
0821 85768889 

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